A new challenge emerges. STASIS is a tiered format with point-restricted Battle Parties that was designed with dual intent—as a unique challenge for GBL battlers and as the foundation of a novel format concept. For STASIS tournaments, bring any 6 Pokémon you choose, but be aware of the balance restrictions that limit your lines. In an Open Ultra or Master League (UL/ML) format, a team of top tier legendaries is arguably optimal, but cost prohibitive, and can be dominated by meta-defining cores. In a UL/ML Cliffhanger-style format, restriction of top tier picks breaks these powerful cores but increases the barrier to entry, as you must heavily invest in several lower tier picks. STASIS strikes a unique balance between these two established formats. This format allows trainers to build around picks in which they have already invested, including more than one top Tier pick, while expanding the utility and viability of less dominant Pokémon. Furthermore, the unique team reading element due to point-restricted Battle Parties offers a novel play-style that battlers have not experienced in any other format.