Pokémon GO Championship Series Primer

The culmination of the Pokémon GO Championship Series is finally upon us, and we can't wait to see trainers from around the world compete on the biggest stage in Pokémon to see who will make their case as the very best like no one ever was! Check out this excellent article from GO Stadium's own Meta Analyst NHoff covering which Pokémon and players to look out for during Pokémon Worlds at Pokemon.com. Our team has also analyzed Pokémon usage and performance throughout the Championship Series in the graphic below and also crafted a Meta Simplified graphic for Open Great League so new trainers can learn and test their matchup knowledge. Lastly, we have the World Qualifier Map that we released last month, highlighting the diversity of trainers and communities represented at Pokémon Worlds all with a common passion for Pokémon GO. We hope all of this serves as a primer for the weekend ahead and we can't wait to see what's in store!


Pokémon GO Championship Series Usage and Performance Analysis